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About Me
For more information about me you can reach me on this line 08033805884 OR 08023343584 And Send SMS
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You are welcome to the Official Website of Sammyville...............Be Properly Guided!

I might talk about how old I am, what I look like, and what I do for a living. (I'll try to be truthful!).Prince Sam Adewale Olalekan Onifade was born on 24th day of March 198-- at Ikeja General Hospital at about 8:20 pm,wednesday night.
      I had to go back to my childhood and the things that made me upset,and made me who i am.I also had to expose the good things about

Hip-Hop without a doubt is the number one genre of music of this generation and beyond.The Americans invented it,they will release the songs,we would love it,they would release the videos,the videos would make us love the songs more up to a point were we wind up purchasing it.

This is how it's been since we were babies in Nigeria.But there comes a time when a certain consumer is like "hey,wait a minute have spent so much money buying cds in the past years,how about me becoming an act myself and people buying my cds.

After all have mastered the craft of mcing after numerous stops and rewinds of my favorite joints".So they go in the studio and record a joint,follow the normal hip-hop convention(16 bars*3,hooks,phat beat, etc)

Then you come out and find out you don't get the same response as your American counterparts and you start to think "oh may be the joint wasn't tight enough.So you go away and tighten your skills and record another song,still no love from your people.

You try everything hardcore,commercial, party songs, still nobody is feeling you.Then you get to a point where you just wanna quit cause you feel you will never blow cause you are not good enough.NO! you're probably the best mc in your hood and can take eminem out in a freestyle battle.But there is just one painful truth and it takes years for it to come to light"ANY FORM OF HIP-HOP AND RNB THAT 'S IS IN ENGLISH AND IS OUTSIDE OF AMERICA IS REGARDED AS SECOND CLASS" Sammy's government name Adewale Onifade is determined to be involved in the art he passionately loves and at the same time be regarded as a first class artist. Since yoruba is his native tongue,spoken by over 10million people,and rapping is all about communicating with your people,he decided to take the "keeping it real" concept to a new level by combing his knowledge of rhyming with his fluency in the yoruba language. myself that caused me to have good reputation anywhere i step.But it's all part of Life.I was willing to share it with the World.

      I remember crying  all  the time.My major thing in growing up was that i couldn't fit in,because i was from everywhere.I didn't have no budies that i grew up with.I love writng Lyrics walking with a swagger and milk my background,for all it worth.I was even an Underground RAPPER.I wrote lyrics and create that atmosphere.
      I hold myself with a regal air as if i'm above all the pettiness which surronds me.THIS ARE MY WORDS.
       I started school,at the age of 3, my primary education was at ORIADE NURSERY AND PRIMARY SCHOOL IN OGUN-STATE  now ORIADE ACADEMY.I was one of the active student in the school in those dayz,which prompted the school to bagged me different awards.
1)Best pupil of the year 1993
2)President Young Readers Club 1992-1993
3)Assistant-Senior Boy 1994
       I also have the Awards to prove it.I sat for my Common Entrance(federal level)in 1994 and i was admitted into Government College Odogbolu Ogun-state,in which I ignore and sat for the state Common Entrance and i gained admission into ST.LEO'S COLLEGE.I did well in this school and i left a lasting impresion on my teachers  and i show tremendous potentials.
       I  sat for my Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination in 2000, but due to some reasons I have to resat for my Exams in 2001 and i came out in flying colours.
       I gained admission into MOSHOOD ABIOLA POLYTECHNIC,in Abeokuta Ogun State.I am presently a student of MASS COMMUNICATION,which is the first polytechnic and second institution in Nigeria to be accredited to study Mass Communication,and later went to Lagos State Univesity to study Polical Science.


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Here's a list of some of my favorite music:

50 cent
Lloyd banks
D.M .X